Bridge your subsurface
data and disciplines

Our mission

ResBridge’s mission is to bridge subsurface data and disciplines, unlocking insights and value for our clients.

We achieve this by combining solid domain competence with state-of-the-art software solutions and close client collaboration.


The ResBridge suite of software analysis tools lets the user quality control special core analysis measurements and parameterise data.

Parameterised data can be merged with data from other sources and appropriately contextualised using domain expertise.

Data is output to standardised formats for further analysis.

ResBridge software includes functionality for multivariate and AI-based data analysis on large datasets.

Models can be built using existing ResBridge software or new functionality can be developed and tailor-made to our client’s needs.

ResBridge’s cloud based platform allows scaleability and integration with 3rd party tools.

The ResBridge workflow from data to models


Deploy ResBridge to your Microsoft cloud service